This Girl Called Herself Indian When Asked About Religion Became Internet Sensation Now Superstar Who Is She

This girl seen in the photo had become an internet sensation, when asked about her religion, she had said - I am only an Indian...what to recognize?

This girl seen in the photo is a popular actress

New Delhi :

Childhood photos of film stars keep going viral on social media every day. His fans like seeing these pictures very much. In today’s post, we have brought for you the photo of one such actress, who went viral on the internet overnight after just winking. People liked this girl’s winking so much that they named her ‘Wink Girl’. Are you able to recognize this girl seen in the photo, who became the most searched celebrity of 2018?

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If not, then let us tell you that the girl seen in the photo is none other than South’s famous actress Priya Prakash Warrier. Priya is looking very innocent in this photo. After seeing Priya Prakash Varrier’s childhood photo, fans are not able to recognize her. Priya Prakash Warrier is seen very active on social media and a large number of people follow her here. Priya Prakash’s fans are desperate to get a glimpse of her. Once when a fan asked Priya about her religion, the actress said – I am only an Indian. This answer of Priya had won the hearts of people.

Recently, a photoshoot of Priya Prakash Varrier, which she got done in water, was very much liked. Priya got this special photoshoot done by getting into the water wearing a traditional South Indian saree. Priya was looking very charming with vermilion in her hair, red bindi on her forehead, dark eyes, wet locks and face immersed in water. Recently Priya was seen in Yaariyan 2 with Divya Kumar Khosla, Pearl V Puri and Yash Gupta.

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